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Snowmen Made from Bedsprings

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Easy to make snowmen from vintage bedsprings. Our December 11, 2020 Giveaway!

Welcome fellow crafters, today we have an easy and fun craft.

I purchased these vintage bedsprings several years ago. Of course I had no idea what I would do with them until now. I don't know why but I love old bed springs.....some sort of sickness I suppose. These 3 snowmen were super easy and a lot of fun.

Easy to Make:

Supply List
  • Vintage Bedsprings - can be found at flea markets or antique stores

  • Styrofoam for head

  • Vintage buttons - or new if you don't have vintage ones.

  • Nose, Arms and Hats - all found at Hobby Lobby for $1 each

  • White glitter paint

  • Sticks for mouth

  • Flannel or Fleece for scarves.

  • E6000 glue - clear

  • Scissors

  • Needle nose pliers

Create Your Snowman

First paint the Styrofoam balls with white glitter paint and let them dry. Next I picked out the buttons for the front of the springs. After I had the pure joy of sorting through hundreds of vintage buttons I finally selected 9 I thought would do the job.

These were easily attached with thread. I sewed them on like I would sew a button on a shirt and tied it off. Don't worry the button will slide facing down but it's not a problem. After I attached all 3, I used the EB6000 glue and added a dab to the back and waited about 6 or 7 minutes for it to get tacky and start to dry. I then turned the buttons facing the front where I wanted them and they stayed in place.

After the Styrofoam was dry I glued 2 small buttons for the eyes, glued the nose and the mouth on. I went outside and gathered some small bendable sticks for the mouth.

Next I added a ribbon around each hat, you don't have to but I thought it would be cute. Glue the hat to the head then the head to the springs.

As you can see I used needle nose pliers to attach the arms. They are made of wire so I twisted them about where I thought they should go. These will hang down also. I added a few drops of glue to each side and propped each arm up where I wanted it to be. I used a roll of paper towels on one side and a water bottle on the other. I left it that way until the glue on the arms were dry.

You know I didn't want to hold those little arms until they dried! After I added the arms, I measured and cut the scarves to the size I thought looked ok. I folded the back of the scarf in half and glued it down and put a drop of glue where it over laps on the side. .

Tada! You have beautiful unique snowmen! Lots of fun without spending a lot of money. Now that's something we all like!

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