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Quilted Jar Lids

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Great for decorating those jam jars for holiday gifts.

Hello, my crafter friend. If you are like me and put up the fruits of your garden, you also enjoy sharing your larder with friends and family.

I have blueberry bushes that provide a lot of delicious fruit every year. I can jam and pie filling and love to give these as gifts.

I love to dress up the jars a bit to make them look extra special. You spend the time picking, washing and canning so you can't just hand the recipient a jar. You want them to feel the love of a true gift, made by mother nature and your own hands.

Find a plate, or anything round, approximately 4 inches larger than the lid of the jar. You want about a 2 inch overhang all the way around. Trace around the plate and cut out. Keep in mind you are using very old quilts and whatever you cut out will not appear perfectly round.

The antique quilts stretch quite a bit. We will just call that character. Next you will need to zigzag around the outside so it stays together. Many times the cotton batting is clumpy and wants to fall out.

You will need some jute to tie you lid covers on. I usually just cut a decent size length and once it is tied on I cut and knot the ends. Easy as can be! Scour your local flea markets for old quilts and remember, stains and holes give your covers plenty of character.

Always wash your cutter quilts regardless of the current condition. Wash on gentle then dry.


Lee Ann

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