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Makeover of a Vintage Overnight Case

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

A trash to treasure make over.

Turned out adorable considering it was picked up in a pile of trash.

Welcome dear friend, I was driving down our street one day, someone was moving and I found this little gem on top of a pile of garbage. (This is not all I picked up but we will save that for later). I know many would keep driving but I could see the beauty in it. The before pictures are below.

Back Front

As you can see the back metal hinges were quite rusty but they cleaned up well with a little sandpaper.

I tore out all the inside plastic lining and cleaned the entire case and decided to paint the metal and handle red. I taped off everything I didn't want painted.

My mother had every pattern she ever purchased. She even had a few from the 1940's.

The outside of many of the patterns were not in good condition so I didn't feel one bit bad about cutting them up. I remember wearing beautiful clothes made of these patterns.

I cut out the pictures I wanted to use and Modge-Podged them to the case. I did so randomly and many times just cut out words to add.

I added cotton to line the inside then glued the cloth lining around the edges. Very nice.

Last but not least, I got 2 wooden spools,, cut them in half and glued them on the bottom for feet. So cute! First I unrolled the thread from them.

And there it is....cute as can be sitting on its little wooden feet. Lots of fun to make. If you see one at a flea market do not pass it by. You could Modge-Podge anything on it. Let your imagination run wild!

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