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Zengimcell Azercell - Zəng etdiyiniz abonentlərə öz musiqinizi hədiyyə edin

Zengimcell Azercell Kodlari: How to Choose and Activate Your Favorite Music for Incoming Calls

Do you want to make your incoming calls more fun and personalized? Do you want to surprise your callers with your favorite music or sound? If you are an Azercell subscriber, you can do that with Zengimcell service. In this article, we will explain what Zengimcell is, how it works, how to find and select Zengimcell tracks, how to activate and manage them, how to gift and receive them, and how much they cost and how to pay for them.

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What is Zengimcell and How Does It Work?

Zengimcell is a service that allows you to replace the standard ringtone with your chosen music or sound fragment. With Zengimcell, you can make your incoming calls more enjoyable and express your mood, personality, or taste. You can choose from a variety of Zengimcell tracks, including popular songs, patriotic tunes, religious chants, funny jokes, and more.

You can subscribe to Zengimcell by sending the code of any Zengimcell track to 6900 or 6070. You will receive a confirmation message and your chosen track will be activated. You can use unlimited Zengimcell tracks during your subscription period. That means you can change your track as often as you want without paying extra.

How to Find and Select Zengimcell Tracks?

You can browse the list of Zengimcell tracks on website. There you can find different categories of tracks, such as selected, popular, new, patriotic, etc. You can also search for tracks by name, genre, artist, or popularity. For example, if you want to find tracks related to Allah, Xudayar , or Ramazan, you can type them in the search box and see the results. You can also filter the tracks by language, such as Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian, etc.

You can listen to Zengimcell tracks before subscribing to them. Just click on the play button next to the track name and enjoy the preview. You can also see the code, duration, and price of each track. If you like a track, you can subscribe to it by clicking on the subscribe button or sending its code to 6900 or 6070.

How to Activate and Manage Zengimcell Tracks?

You can activate a Zengimcell track by sending its code to 6900 or 6070. You will receive a confirmation message and your chosen track will be activated. You can change your Zengimcell track at any time by sending a new code. You can use unlimited Zengimcell tracks during your subscription period.

You can deactivate your Zengimcell track by sending STOP or 000000 to 6070. You will receive a confirmation message and your Zengimcell track will be deactivated. You can reactivate it later by sending its code again.

How to Gift and Receive Zengimcell Tracks?

You can gift a Zengimcell track to another Azercell subscriber by sending H Zengimcell code recipient's number to 6070. For example, if you want to gift the track with the code 123456 to the number 0501234567, you should send H 123456 0501234567 to 6070. You will receive a confirmation message and the recipient will receive a notification message.

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zengimcell azercell xidmeti abune avtomatik yenilenir. Abunecinin balansinda xidmete abune olmaq ve ya abuneliyin yenilenmesi ucun yetreli vesait olmadigi teqdirda, xidmet 10 gunluk (0,60 AZN) borca teqdim edilir.

zengimcell azercell xidmeti abune olmaq ucun zenqicELL trek kodunu SMS vasitesile 6070 nomresine gondermek kifayetdir. ZenqicELL treklelerinin siyahisi ile WWW.ZENG

You can accept or reject a Zengimcell gift by sending yes Zengimcell code or no Zengimcell code to 6070. For example, if you receive a gift with the code 123456, you should send yes 123456 or no 123456 to 6070. You will receive a confirmation message and the sender will receive a notification message.

The sender pays for the Zengimcell gift, but the receiver pays for the subscription renewal. The subscription renewal fee is deducted from the receiver's balance every day until they deactivate the service.

How Much Does Zengimcell Cost and How to Pay for It?

The service fee is adjusted according to your balance and is 0.06 AZN per day (maximum 30 days - 1.80 AZN). The subscription is automatically renewed. If you don't have enough balance, you can use the service on credit for 10 days (0.60 AZN). If you don't pay back the credit within 10 days, your service will be suspended until you top up your balance.

You can pay for the service with your bank card or mobile balance. To pay with your bank card, you need to register on WWW.ZENGİM.AZ website and link your card to your account. To pay with your mobile balance, you need to send PAY or ODEME to 6070.


Zengimcell is a great way to customize your incoming calls and make them more fun and personal. You can choose from a wide range of Zengimcell tracks, subscribe to them easily, change them anytime, gift them to others, and pay for them conveniently. With Zengimcell, you can express yourself and impress your callers with your favorite music or sound.


What is the difference between 6900 and 6070 numbers?

  • The 6900 number is used for subscribing to Zengimcell tracks only. The 6070 number is used for subscribing, gifting, accepting, rejecting, activating, deactivating, paying, and managing Zengimcell tracks.

Can I use different Zengimcell tracks for different callers?

  • Yes, you can assign different Zengimcell tracks for different callers by using the group function on WWW.ZENGİM.AZ website. You can create up to 10 groups and assign up to 20 numbers for each group.

Can I use my own music or sound as a Zeng imcell track?

  • Yes, you can upload your own music or sound as a Zengimcell track on WWW.ZENGİM.AZ website. You can edit the track, set the start and end points, and assign a code to it. You can use your own Zengimcell track for yourself or gift it to others.

How can I check my Zengimcell balance and subscription status?

  • You can check your Zengimcell balance and subscription status by sending BALANS or STATUS to 6070. You will receive a message with the information about your current Zengimcell track, service fee, credit, and renewal date.

How can I get help or support for Zengimcell service?

  • You can get help or support for Zengimcell service by calling 111 (Azercell Customer Service) or visiting WWW.ZENGİM.AZ website. You can also find the answers to frequently asked questions on the website.

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