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Hi, I'm Lee Ann

Welcome, I'm delighted you stopped by!  I am a child of God, a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love my life and live with my husband on 4 acres in a tiny house we built.  Our house is less than 400 sq. ft, we heat with wood and absolutely love the less is more attitude.  


I have crafted my entire life.  My mother and both grandmothers were professional tailors and my dad and grandpas were carpenters.  I inherited strong genes from both sides.  I love to build things and have an addiction to tools, while sewing and quilting are favorites as well.


Every time, I see something I like, I think I could so make that!  Show me something sewn or made of wood and I can figure out how to make it.  You can learn to do this too.  I hope you enjoy your time here and visit often.

Many blessings,

Lee Ann


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